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Repair online wrong audio lengths/playtimes of MP3 files!

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What is MP3Repair.net?

Mp3Repair.net is a free online tool for repairing and editing MP3 files!

In the internet there are often free MP3 files available, like music, radio plays or podcasts with incorrect informations, such as wrong audio lengths. Also the ID3-Tags of MP3 files are very often not suitable for your needs. And also your MP3 recordings e.g. of online radio streams have undesirable moderating comments or musical transitions at the beginning or at the end.

For a quickly solving of all these problems, whether from home or on the road, was Mp3Repair.net developed and is available for free of charge!

Mp3Repair.net allows you to edit or repair MP3 files locally from your hard disk or from a URL (Remote upload).
With the remote upload you can edit the ID3 tags of an MP3 file according to your ideas, before the regular download.